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Sincero Specials in

Vietnamese Coffee and iconic Foods

Ice Coffee

Cà Phê Sữa Đá

Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Milk

Start Every Day Fresh

Vietnamese coffee is an intensely strong and sweet coffee, that’s sure to dissolve your morning daze and perk you up for the day. Its dark roast coffee and potent condensed milk slowly dripped through a metal filter (phin) make this a unique coffee.
Whether it’s brewed and served at home or in restaurants in Vietnam, coffee is brewed leisurely (i.e. less intense than how we typically brew pour-over coffee). Hot coffee (cà phê nóng) is preferred in the morning, while iced coffee (cà phê sữa đá) is saved for the heat later in the day.


Pho Beef Noodles

Flavor to Die For

Experience the magic of one of the greatest noodle soups in the world is Pho,  Vietnamese Beef Noodles with the signature broth that’s light yet at the same time so full of flavour, it’s infused with spices like cinnamon, star anise, Asian herbs and rich beef broth. The PHO is utterly addictive and every spoonful leaves you wanting more! And in Vietnam, we have it as an all-day meal.

eating pho with brisket and sriracha sauce from overhead view_edited_edited_edited.jpg
BanhMi 06_edited.jpg

Bánh Mì

Vietnamese Bread Sandwich

For the Divine Taste

Skillfully roasted and carefully blended, our Triple Blended Coffee Beans don’t just wake you up in the morning, they pack a lasting punch that is sure to leave you wanting more. Silky smooth and full of layered flavors, there’s really no better way to start your day.


Spicy Beef & Pork Noodle

Awaken The Senses

Bun Bo Hue is a hidden Vietnamese gem that has yet to “make it” in mainstream American cuisine. It’s a rich and spicy soup with deep layers of flavor. This Central Vietnamese soup is paired with tender slices of beef and pork, then topped with lots of fresh herbs

BoKho 02.jpg

Bò Kho

Vietnamese Beef Stew

(Coming Soon)

The Old Flavor With A New Taste

A Vietnamese beef stew has all the flavours of a traditional beef stew with additional aromatics from lemongrass and star anise to give it another dimension of flavour. It can be eaten with rice noodles or dipped in a Vietnamese baguette! If you love beef stew, you definitely need to check out this Bo Kho dish.


Vietnamese Wonton Soup

Pure Flavor, Endless Taste

It’s a humble soup that uses simple ingredients made primarily of ground pork, shrimp, spring onion with our iconic touch, turning Wonton into a flavorful and aromatic food staple.

wonton 01.jpg


Pho Chicken Noodles

(Coming Soon)

Yes! You Got The Taste

Aside from Banh Mi, Pho Ga is the other smash hit that put Vietnamese cuisine on the map in North America and around the globe. It’s a humble soup that uses affordable ingredients and turns them into a flavorful and aromatic food staple.


Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Available from12:00 to 15:00

Delight in Every Bite

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll or Goi Cuon Tom Thit is a refreshing appetizer made up of shrimp, pork, thin rice vermicelli noodles, and an assortment of vegetables rolled in rice paper. They are served at room temperature with a side of our special peanut dipping sauce or alternatively Vietnamese sweet and sour dipping sauce.

GoiCuon 07.jpg
Suon Nuong 01_edited.jpg


Oven Grill Pork Chop

(Coming Soon)

When Spices Meet Heat, It Create Magic

This quintessential Vietnamese pork chops rice dish is packed with flavour.
The marinade adds a ton of garlicky, lemongrass flavor that pairs great with the pork chops. Oven grilling adds an amazing aroma and sear, and as if the chops aren’t flavorful enough, they’re topped with spring onion oil.

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